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Yim Tin Tsai is a small island near Kau Sai Chau and Sharp Island in Inner Port Shelter.

The history of Yim Tin Tsai can be traced back 3 centuries, when the ancestors of the villagers moved from Guan Lan to Yim Tin in the Mainland, and then from Yim Tin they came to the island where they made a living by salt-making and fishing. The name Yim Tin Tsai denoted the importance of salt-making as the pillar of economy of the island in the early days.

In 1864, Catholic missionaries started preaching there and built St. Joseph’s Chapel in 1890. Yim Tin Tsai became one of the very few Hakka villages with rich Catholic characteristics. St Joseph’s Chapel was rated Grade 2 historic building in 2010.

Since the 1960s, villagers have moved off the island to study or work, leaving the island uninhabited. In recent years, villagers have established “The Salt and Light Preservation Centre” to restore saltpans and village houses, and conduct conservation and education programmes promoting religious culture ecology and simple life experience. Visitors may visit saltpans, Yim Tin Tsai Heritage Exhibition Centre, the restored St Joseph’s Chapel, etc. The revitalization projects of St Joseph’s Chapel and saltpans respectively received an Award of Merit in 2005 and Award of Distinction in 2015 recognized by the UNSECO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.


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