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With a total area of about 7 500 ha, Sai Kung Country Park comprises Sai Kung East Country Park and Sai Kung West Country Park. The country park offers a wide choice of country trails and walks of different levels for leisure, as well as visitor centres introducing the park’s attractions and the concept of conservation.

Sai Kung East Country Park occupies a vast area of east Sai Kung Peninsula and High Island, and has the largest number of bays and coves among all country parks. Popular leisure destinations include High Island Reservoir, Po Pin Chau, Luk Wu, Chek Keng, Wong Shek, etc.

Sai Kung West Country Park lies in the wild country in the western part of Sai Kung Peninsula. Except for a few remote villages, the entire region that extends from Pak Tam Au to Yung Shue O is encompassed within the country park. Popular leisure destinations include Wong Chuk Wan, Tai Mong Tsai, Pak Tam Chung, Yung Shue O, Lai Chi Chong, etc. Of them, visitors can enjoy barbecue and the spectacular view of Inner Port Shelter at Tai Mong Tsai Barbecue Area at the same time.


To plan your journey to Sai Kung Country Park, you may visit the website below for transport information.
https://www.afcd.gov.hk/english/country/cou_lea/cou_wha_tra_06.html (Sai Kung East Country Park)
https://www.afcd.gov.hk/english/country/cou_vis/cou_vis_cou/cou_vis_cou_skw/cou_vis_cou_skw.html (Sai Kung West Country Park)

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