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Wong Tai Sin Temple at Chuk Yuen Village in Wong Tai Sin is dedicated to the worship of “Tsik Chung Wong Tai Sin” and is one of Hong Kong's most renowned temples.

Wong Tai Sin, originally called Wong Cho Ping, was said to be born in around 328. He became a deity after practicing the Tao for 40 years. As he attained the Tao on Tsik Chung Hill in Zhejiang Province, he was also known as “Tsik Chung Wong Tai Sin”. In 1915, a Taoist priest Liang Yan Am brought the sacred portrait of Wong Tai Sin from Guangdong to Hong Kong, followed by the establishment of Sik Sik Yuen, a religious charitable organization, and Wong Tai Sin Temple in 1921. The Temple has been open to the public since 1956.

Wong Tai Sin Belief and Customs in Hong Kong highlights the concept of “answering whatever he is asked for”. Wong Tai Sin Temple is said to always give accurate predictions. Therefore, the Temple is crowded with faithful worshippers and visitors round the year. The Temple bustles more on the Lunar New Year's Day. Lots of worshippers would even flock to the Temple before midnight on the Lunar New Year Eve to make the 1st incense offering (which symbolizes the greatest share of luck and lucky omen) to express their devout intentions and pray for good fortune in the New Year.

Following unveiling of the “Tiandi Zhongling” Arch of the Temple in 1969, the Government officially named the area where Wong Tai Sin Temple and its neighboring areas were located as Wong Tai Sin District. The Temple has also become a venue where Taoist weddings can be held and recognized by the Government since 1997.

Wong Tai Sin Temple was rated Grade 1 historic building in 2010. In 2014, Wong Tai Sin Belief and Customs in Hong Kong was named a national intangible cultural heritage.


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