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Morse Park & Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden photo
Morse Park & Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden photo1
Morse Park & Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden photo2
Morse Park & Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden photo3
Morse Park & Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden photo4
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Morse Park comprises Park Nos. 1 to 4, Morse Park Sports Centre and Morse Park Swimming Pool. Covering an area of about 16 ha, it is the largest park in Wong Tai Sin District.

Morse Park provides a wide variety of leisure and recreational facilities. Apart from the sports centre and swimming pool, there are artificial turf and hard-surface soccer pitches, natural turf gateball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, a skateboard ground, elderly fitness corners and children’s playgrounds. Park Nos. 1, 2 and 3 house Tai Chi garden, Palm Garden and Butterfly Corner respectively, whilst Park No. 4 provides an amphitheatre which is a popular place for cultural and community events in the district.

At the corner of Park No. 2 lies Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden, a Chinese culture-themed garden. The western-style Main Square and the Chinese-style Stage at the park entrance at Tung Tau Tsuen Road contrast finely with each other. The Tai Chi Square located at the entrance at Tai Tung Street is decorated with the symbols of the Eight Trigrams and the logo of Tai Chi on the ground of the Chess Garden. The 2 entrances in “square” and “round” shapes respectively are carefully designed to signify the cosmological concept of a dome-like firmament covering the square earth in ancient China. These 2 scenic spots and a central open area, in the shape of the Chinese character “人” (human beings), denote the spirit of pursuing the unity and harmony of “sky, earth and human beings” in traditional Chinese culture.



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