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Hau Wong Temple, Kowloon City photo
Hau Wong Temple, Kowloon City photo1
Hau Wong Temple, Kowloon City photo2
Hau Wong Temple, Kowloon City photo3

Hau Wong Temple, Kowloon City is located at the junction of Junction Road and Tung Tau Tsuen Road in Wong Tai Sin District. The exact year of construction of the Temple cannot be ascertained. From the oldest relic of the Temple, an iron bell cast in the 8th year of the Yongzheng reign (1730) of the Qing Dynasty, it is believed that the Temple was probably built in 1730 or earlier.

The Temple is dedicated for the worship of Hau Wong. According to legend, Hau Wong refers to Yeung Leung Jit, a loyal and courageous general of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 - 1279). It is said that Yeung protected the last 2 emperors of the Southern Song Dynasty, namely Emperor Zhao Shi and Emperor Zhao Bing, to flee south during the Mongolian invasion. After his death, people built Hau Wong Temple to commemorate him.

The Temple stands on a masonry terrace and houses many relics such as a stone tablet engraved in the 9th year of the Xianfeng reign (1859) of the Qing Dynasty, an old incense burner and timber plaques. A separate pavilion with a hip-and-gable roof supported by fine granite columns and wooden brackets stands in front of the temple building. The stepped gables of the rear hall are built in the style known as “5 peaks pay tribute to heaven”, a very rare design that is seldom found in Hong Kong.

Hau Wong Temple, Kowloon City was declared a monument in 2014.


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