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Peng Chau is a small island of less than 1 sq km and with flat terrain west of Hong Kong Island. The small market town on the island has retained its old appearance. Strolling leisurely along the town, you can see traditional tilted houses, stores and restaurants serving seafood.

There are two abandoned leather factories on the island which were probably established before 1936. Of them, Fook Yuen Leather Factory had ceased operation during the Japanese Occupation (1941 - 1945). Although it re-started business after the war, its business dropped gradually due to the introduction of plastic-leather and the factory eventually closed down. In recent years, Fook Yuen Leather Factory was revitalised as an arts space and has become a popular attraction on the island. Leather Factory was rated Grade 3 historic building in 2010.

Amongst various temples on this small island, Tin Hau Temple on Wing On Street and Lung Mo Temple on Chi Yan Street are the most popular ones. Built in the 57th year of the Qianlong reign (1792) of the Qing Dynasty, Tin Hau Temple, Peng Chau was rated Grade 2 historic building in 2010. A 5 ft long fish bone dedicated by fishermen to Tin Hau, praying for propitious wind and rain, is housed there. Lung Mo Temple, Peng Chau, built in the early 1970s, is dedicated to the worship of Lung Mo, one of the Goddesses of Sea. A “Dragon Bed” inside the Temple is believed to bestow children and good luck to those who touch it.

Departing from Wing On Street and going southbound up the stairs along Peng Chau Family Walk, you will reach Fung Ping Pavilion on Finger Hill - the highest point on the island. There you can enjoy the splendid views of Tsing Ma Bridge and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, as well as the beautiful scenery of nearby islands.


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