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Lin Fa Temple, Tai Hang photo
Lin Fa Temple, Tai Hang photo1
Lin Fa Temple, Tai Hang photo2

Probably built in the 2nd year of the Tongzhi reign (1863) of the Qing Dynasty, Lin Fa Temple, Tai Hang at Lily Street is dedicated to Kwun Yum.

Kwun Yum, originated in India, was a male divinity in the earlier times but evolved to be a gracious female deity. She is also known as a deity of sympathy, compassion and mercy, responding to the pleas of those who are suffering, thus earning her the title of the “Buddhist of Goddess of Mercy”.

Legend has it that Kwun Yum was once seen appearing on a huge rock inside Lin Fa Temple, Tai Hang. Villagers then built the Temple on the said rock (now known as the “Lotus Rock”) to worship Kwun Yum. The architecture of the Temple is very unique. The front hall with a double-eaves-tended roof is in half-octagonal shape. It is connected to the rectangular main (rear) hall without internal courtyard in-between. Right in the middle of the façade is an arched opening with a balustrade. Access to the Temple is through 2 entrance staircases on left and right ends of the front hall, unlike other traditional Chinese temples with the main entrance in the middle of the façade.

Many worshippers pay tribute to Kwun Yum at Lin Fa Temple, Tai Hang on Kwun Yum Festivals. They also flock to the Temple to "borrow money" from the Goddess during Kwun Yum Treasury Opening Festival (meaning Kwun Yum opens her treasury and lends money to people) on the 26th day of the 1st lunar month, hoping to increase wealth in the year ahead.

Lin Fa Temple, Tai Hang was declared a monument in 2014.


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