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4,000 hectares


About 264,600


The Southern District is a modern industrial/commercial and residential district. But despite that, most of its natural landscape, such as the scenic beaches and country parks, remain intact. Moreover, in the vicinity of Aberdeen and Stanley, some residents still keep traditional customs and rituals. The Aberdeen Fish Market and Typhoon Shelter boast the ambience of a fishing harbour. In addition, the Ocean Park in the district is a world-renowned theme park patroned by lots of tourists from the Mainland and overseas every day. All in all, the Southern District is a destination for most tourists.

The Southern District, spanning across the southern part of Hong Kong Island, stretches from Big Wave Bay in the east and Pok Fu Lam in the west. It faces the Pacific Ocean, and covers nearly half of the Island's area in which Shek O, Tai Tam, Stanley, Chung Hom Kok, Repulse Bay, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau are all included.

Many places in the Southern District have a long development history. Some of the place names in the Southern District were recorded in ancient Chinese books a long time ago. For instance, "Yue Da Ji", written by Kwok Fei, a scholar of the Ming Dynasty, set out such names as Stanley and Hong Kong in describing the places along the coast.

Before the Colonial Period, Stanley had the largest population together with a flourishing economy, therefore, many foreign businessmen and sailors landed there. In the Early Colonial Period, the British planned to establish their development base in the areas including Stanley, Aberdeen and Wong Chuk Hang in the southern part of Hong Kong Island. According to Gazette No. 2 published by the Government in 1841, Stanley was called "the principal urban locality of Hong Kong Island". Obviously, Stanley played an important role at that time. However, the land in Stanley was limited and the area was under the threat of pirates. Furthermore, due to dirty well-water and epidemic diseases, the British decided to move to the northern coast of Hong Kong Island and reclaimed the land for development.

The Southern District at present is a desirable place for commercial, industrial and residential development. However, most of its natural environment and original scenery have been preserved, so the district can be regarded as a district with distinguishing features in Hong Kong.


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