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About 1,255 hectares


About 250,000


As a cultural, commercial and tourism centre full of local legends, historical buildings and vitality, the Central & Western District has played a unique role in Hong Kong all through the ages.

The Western District is one of the districts that possesses a long history and has a variety of traditional features. It has profited, both in trade and freight transport, from its proximity to the harbour western approaches, with hundreds of cargo ships mooring there over the years. Today, lots of fascinating scenes are still preserved in the Central & Western District, from which, people can understand many aspects of traditional life in China. If you ask where the centre of Hong Kong is, without any doubt, you will be told that it is the Central & Western District, where lots of distinctive historical relics and cloud-kissing skyscrapers gather together, and where local, joint state-private businesses and civilian activities thrive.

The Central & Western District is home to about 250,000 people, and over 300,000 people flock there daily to work. Most residents of the district live in private housing, ranging from luxury homes on the Peak and in Mid-Levels, to the old tenements in Sheung Wan, Sai Ying Pun and Kennedy Town.

Another feature of the Central & Western District is the clusters of commercial buildings, with some of the buildings being amongst the most expensive in the world. In addition, a variety of shopping facilities and beautiful vistas are available in the district, providing residents and tourists alike with good places for shopping, relaxation and entertainment.

The government carried out local administration plans in 1981 and subsequently founded the Central & Western District Council, simultaneously providing the local community with the opportunity to participate in the development of the district. The Central & Western District Council consists of 15 members who are the communication bridge between the government and the local community and through which, both parties may exchange their opinions with respect to the government's policies which are intimately bound with the work and life of local residents.


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