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Sai Kung District

Sai Kung district is made up of the Sai Kung rural areas, Hang Hau, Tseung Kwan O New Town and over 70 islands of different sizes. Its total area is about 13 630 hectares.

Sai Kung District integrates the heritage of traditional rural customs with a modern city's energy and drive. In the process of urbanization, Sai Kung has been able to retain its splendid natural scenery and is known as the "back garden of Hong Kong", and where the Hong Kong National Geopark is located, while the adjacent new town of Tseung Kwan O is the newest and fastest developing town in Hong Kong.

Behind the modern architecture, a lot of cultural heritage is retained in Sai Kung. For example, the Hung Shing Temple at Kau Sai Chau, the Tin Hau Temple at Fat Tong Mun and the Che Kung Temple at Ho Chung are historical high spots. In addition, most locals value traditional customs and festivals very much. Events and festivities which bring liveliness and colour to the district are frequently held.

Apart from the beautiful natural scenery, historical relics and modern developments, Sai Kung is also famous for the delicious food it provides. Here you can taste seafood and diverse speciality dishes in various restaurants, and the pleasant alfresco atmosphere of many of the restaurants will surely increase your appetite!


To travel to Sai Kung: Take the MTR to Hang Hau Station and take greem minibus 101. Take the MTR to Diamond Hill Station (Exit C2) and then take bus No. 92 at the bus terminus; or take the MTR to Choi Hung Station (Exit C1) and take green minibus No. 1A. Both of the above bus and green minibus routes head for their respective termini in Sai Kung Town Centre. Take bus No. 91 at MTR Diamond Hill Station to get to Clearwater Bay in southern Sai Kung.

You can travel to most of the places in the district from the bus and mini-bus termini in Sai Kung Town Centre. For some of the more remote islets, you may have to hire a sampan at the Sai Kung waterfront. Charges vary, so you may need to bargain. (It is recommended that you take a Cantonese-speaking friend or guide with you.) The rural areas in Sai Kung are very popular hiking places and hikers are recommended to take a map, wear appropriate footwear and clothing and bring plenty of drinking water.


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